Collaborative process

I start all company branding projects with a conversation. You and me just talking about what your company means to you, where you want it to go and how you want it to feel. You know your company and your customers better than I ever could so I listen and take it all in. We then move forward to creating a visual representation of the passion you have for your business.


We talk about where your brand has been, where it’s going and how we can get it there. Developing tone, attitude and the feeling of your business.

Logo Mark

Now we are building something. A name tag for your business that say who you are. We develop a color palette, a font set and a usage guide to make sure it always looks right.

Brand Hop-Ups

Let’s put this thing to work. Menus, business cards, photo packages, boxes, signage. Let’s dream up all the places we can put those shiny new brand assets.

Full package

You are ready for the whole thing. You are sitting at the start line ready for a mean machine to fire up and head down the road. Let’s do it, we will develop a logo mark, create a brand guide, build a roll out strategy and get all the details looking so sweet.