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Michael Morten

I approach brand making as a craft. Working together with business owners to shape and mold their brand into something special. It’s more than just a logo, it’s the passion of the business realized in visual form. A properly thought out and designed brand can help businesses hit above their weight class and find the right clients. I learned this growing up in a family business, which now drives my love of helping other small businesses.

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Growing a business is a constant struggle and many times, especially in the beginning, you just do anything that gets you to the next step. The visual look of the overall business ends up being a mix and match of different print and digital pieces done over time and by several different people.

One of the hardest things for some new business owners is "What do I call my business?". You have the standard of Name + Business i.e. Joe's Plumbing. Straight forward and to the point. Also, somewhat similar, you have the Geolocation + Business i.e. Front Range Gifts. You also have the abstract, what the hell is a Verizion anyway?

Brand Identity is any sensory input that humans receive from your business. Your logo, the colors you chose for your signs, the font you use on your business cards. It can expand even further to help immerse people into your brand but we will cover that on part 2. Now Part 1 - the Basics.