5 Reasons Why Free Logo Makers Give You Your Money's Worth

If you’re a new business owner, the idea of getting your logo from a free logo maker might sound like a great idea. After all, you need a logo but finances are probably tight. This free logo meets your needs and fits your budget. But there are several reasons to think twice -- you’re likely to get exactly what you pay for. Here are some of the pitfalls of choosing a free logo maker:

  1. Your logo could be watermarked. The logo maker you’re working with is a businessperson, too, and your logo is now that company’s free advertising.

  2. The logo you get might look great in an email but not be in the proper format for screen printing on your company swag, printing on business cards, or using on your website. Or you might get your logo in one or two sizes and in only one file format. Converting it yourself into another file format or attempting to re-size it could leave you with a sloppy looking piece of artwork.

  3. And that leads to the next point: when you get a free logo, the service can end there. If you need additional work, you might be out of luck if you expect corrections or revisions to also be free.

  4. A logo maker may reuse designs for several of the clients getting free work. Your company logo performs best when it’s aligned with your message and branding; consumers know companies by their logo. How is a logo going to make your business stand out if it’s the same look that six other businesses have?

  5. And what’s more, your free logo might not include trademark and copyright protections. If your new logo is too similar to another company’s, even if you weren’t aware of it and didn’t make the logo yourself, you could be liable. In a best-case scenario where you simply agree to stop using the logo to avoid getting sued, you’re still responsible for removing it from your website, social media profiles, stationery, business cards, pens, and anyplace else you’ve used it. And then you need a new logo again.

It’s hard to get a new business off the ground and it’s easy to see why a free logo sounds like a great idea. But the potential problems far outweigh any benefit you’ll get from saving money.

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