Park Art Drop

I was honored to be once again asked, by the wonderful Emily King, to be part of the Arvada Art Drop in my home town. The one this time is in a local park as part of an awareness campaign by the city about our wonderful park system. I was given Sierra Park and went and walked around to gain inspiration the day after we had a good amount of snow and I was inspired by the layered look of the snowy hills, the neighborhood and the Rocky Mountains behind. I knew I wanted to include a shooting star in a night sky because of the “superstar” mascot of the nearby Sierra Elementary.

On a recent trip to my favorite art store, Meiningers Art supply in Denver, I saw that they had a glow in the dark ink from speedball. I then knew that I was going to experiment with that on this piece. I have always loved how the moonlight reflects off of freshly snow so I though “Why don’t I try and recreate that feel with some glow in the dark moon, stars and snow.