Vets in Need


Interstate Roofing, one of the largest roofing contractors in the US, is based here in Denver,CO. One of their core beliefs is to build communities and improve quality of life where ever they do business. It’s with this belief that they are creating a program called Vets in Need. Veterans in Colorado Springs, CO can apply to the program and one will be chosen to receive a free roof, as well as, any remodeling they need done to their home that is needed due to disability.

I was honored to be contacted by Interstate Roofing to create the identity mark that will be used for all of the marketing of this program to the veterans. They already have a program called Roofs in Need and requested that the design language match so that there was continuity in their charitable programs. I created a shield design with a thick line which mimics the heavier line of the Roofs in Need logo. They also requested an American flag so I placed the familiar red and white stripes and placed stars at the top of the shield.



Project Details

Client Interstate Roofing
Date 5/2016
Skills Logo Design


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