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Guard Transmission is a high end provider of transmission and differential parts to the Porsche racing community. The company was sold to it’s current owner Matt and it came with a logo and some marketing that was somewhat outdated. We have created a whole brand language that still has connections to the well known legacy logo but creates a cleaner look that is more tied to the ideals of the company.

Project Details

Client Guard Transmission
Skills Identity, Print Design, Photography

The legacy Guard Transmission logo came with the company when it was purchased by it’s current owner. The GT with the circle is well recognized within the Porsche racing community so we wanted to keep the general look but update it to look a bit richer and unique unto the brand. Guard’s products are known for their strength and reliability so I gave the GT brand mark a more substantial form. We also gave the logo some heiarchy by stacking the words and making the word transmission smaller to both help Guard to stand out and also to assist in fitting the logo better into it’s various uses.

Guard advertises in several magazines that cater to the Porsche racing community. We created ads for these magazines which highlighted the parts main benefits in a clean design with large photos of the parts. We provide enough information to entice the customer to visit the website to find out more information about the products featured.

We also supplied photography services to Guard Transmission to provide them with sharp hi res photos of their product line. Nice high quality photos provide a higher perceived value to the products and help sell the product better to his customers. Guard also took me along to one of the races at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma,CA to shoot his customers cars in action on the track. Anytime you can get photos of the product being used by the end user it helps tell your brands story.

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